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The Medical Tourism is very popular nowadays. A patient is travel to another country to solve their health problems and make their trip exotic and valuably. In our package, we provides the Health care Tourism services in cost effective manner and as well as offering free trip to nearest temples.

Sri Bala Medical Centre and Hospital is a High-Tech Multi Super Speciality Hospital Situated in the heart of the Coimbatore city at Tamilnadu State in India, 10km from the Airport and 4km from the Railway station.

Sri Bala Medical Centre and Hospital Chairman Dr.S.N.Balashanmugha Sundaram, FRCS, is a highly Qualified Surgical Gastroenterologist and a Laparoscopic Surgeon, Who has spent 20 yrs in United Kingdom.

Being a Multi super speciality Hospital, Sri Bala Medical Centre and Hospital provides excellent services for all complicated GI Surgeries, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries, Cancer Surgeries, Vascular Surgeries, Paediatric surgeries and Orthopaedic procedures (including THR, TKR & ORIF for all Complicated Fractures). Sri Bala Medical Centre and Hospital special interest is Sutureless Vaginal Hysterectomy (for nearly 90% Hysterectomies).

All Cancer Surgeries are done by Prof. M.Vijayakumar, Director of Kidwai Cancer Institute . We routinely carry out Hepatectomy, Laryngo Pharyngo Oesophagectomy, Whipples Operation, Surgery for advanced Ovarian Carcinoma, Endometrial Carcinoma, Wertheim’s Hysterectomy, Surgery for Head and Neck Cancers with Reconstruction, Mastectomy with Reconstruction etc with excellent results.

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